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A couple of real smart Sharks  
Anybody who saw the Sharks-Leafs game in February probably felt pretty proud when Newfoundland's own Ryane Clowe scored the winning goal. The real reason that goal went in though was because of a young man sitting in the stands that night cheering Clowe on. If you've ever played a game at the Southern Shore Arena, you may have heard Corey Keough cheering for you too. The hockey fanatic has been avidly going to the games for years.
Raising of Ryan Clowe’s jersey boosts spirits at tournament opening  
Organizers with the Southern Shore Minor Hockey Association found a special way to mark the opening of the Midget D Easter tournament, which they hosted this year: They used the occasion to raise the jersey of former Breaker and Fermeuse native Ryan Clowe to the rafters of the arena in Mobile.
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